Dyson V8 Battery High Capacity SV10 Replacement


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Brand new Dyson V8 Battery replacement with extra capacity for longer lasting cleaning. This battery is compatible with many different Dyson vacuum cleaners including Dyson V8 Animal Battery, Dyson V8 Absolute Battery and Dyson V8 Motorhead battery.

  • Dyson Part Number: 967834-07, 967834-02 (may match many other serial numbers, if the numbers SV10 are visible on the battery serial plate then this battery is 100% compatible)
  • Voltage: 21.4V
  • Dimensions: 146.4mm x 80.7mm x 144mm
  • Milliamp Hours: 4800mAh
  • Type: Lithium-ion

Dyson V8 Battery Compatibility

  • 967834-07
  • 967834-02
  • 215681
  • 215866-01/02
  • 215967-01/02
  • PM8-US-HFB1497A
  • PU2-JP-HFA4456A
  • Plus many other part numbers, if your battery has the numbers SV10 on the serial plate then this battery is 100% compatible

Dyson V8 Model Compatibility

  • Dyson V8 Vacuums
  • Dyson V8 Absolute
  • Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free
  • Dyson V8 Animal
  • Dyson V8 Animal Exclusive
  • Dyson V8 Fluffy
  • Dyson V8 Motorhead
  • Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin
  • Dyson V8 Origin
  • Dyson V8 Total
  • Dyson V8 Total Clean
  • Dyson SV10 Battery

Dyson V8  Motor and Battery Specifications

Dyson V8 Vacuum Battery Life and Review

Battery Capacity(mAh)

4800 mAh


146.4mm x 80.7mm x 144mm

Dyson Model

Dyson V8 Vacuum Battery
Dyson V8 Absolute Battery
Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Battery
Dyson V8 Animal Battery
Dyson V8 Animal Exclusive Battery
Dyson V8 Motorhead Battery
Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin Battery
Dyson V8 Origin Battery
Dyson V8 Fluffy Battery
Dyson V8 Total Battery
Dyson V8 Total Clean Battery
Dyson SV10 Battery Battery



Dyson Part Numbers


Watt Hours


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