Uniden BT-1007 Battery Replacement


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  • High Capacity BT-1007 Battery
  • Overcharging & Short Circuit Protection
  • One Year Warranty

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In stock

Uniden BT-1007 Replacement Battery. Featuring overcharging and short circuit protection. Our uniden cordless phone batteries are rechargeable for over 1500+ full cycles. The BT-1007 battery is made from grade A cells, which equates to a longer battery life and no memory effect.

BT-1007 Battery Specifications

  • Voltage: 2.4V
  • Capacity: 600mAh
  • Chemical Composition: NiMH
  • Dimensions: 51.5mm x 29.5mm

BT-1007 Compatibility

  • BP-904
  • BP-904S
  • BBTY0460001
  • BBTY0510001
  • BBTY0624001
  • BBTY0700001
  • BP-904
  • BT1007
  • BT1015
  • BT-904

BT-1007 Phone Compatibility:

  • Again & Again: STB-956, STB956
  • Battery Biz: B730, B-730
  • Dantona: BATT-17, BATT17
  • Empire: CPH-479B, CPH479B
  • Energizer: ER-P506, ERP506
  • GE: 1833916, 26602, TL26602, TL-26602
  • Interstate Batteries: ATEL0035, TEL0035
  • Lenmar: CBC206, CBC-206
  • Memorex: MPH-6925, MPH6925
  • NABC: 721040000
  • Panasonic: HHR-P506, HHR-P506A, HHR-P506A1B, HHR-15F2G1, KX-TG2000B Handset, KX-TG4000B Handset, KX-TGA200, KX-TGA200B, KX-TGA4000B, KX-TGA400, KX-TGA400B, KX-TGA420B, PQHHR150AAZ1, PQHHR150AA21, PQP506SVC, Type 17, MHP506A, HSCO506, HSCOC06, HHRP506, HHRP506A, HHRP506A1B, HHR15F2G1, KXTG2000B Handset, KXTG4000B Handset, KXTGA200, KXTGA200B, KXTGA4000B, KXTGA400, KXTGA400B, KXTGA420B, MHP-506A
  • Radio Shack/Tandy: 23-9096, 43-3533, 43-3534, 43-3541, 43-3542, 43-3543, ET-3533, ET-3534, ET-3541, ET-3542, ET-3543, 239096, 433533, 433534, 433541, 433542, 433543, ET3533, ET3534, ET3541, ET3542, ET3543
  • Sprint: 89340
  • Uniden: BT904, BP904, BT1007, BT1015, BBTY0460001, BBTY0510001, BBTY0624001, BBTY0700001, BBTY0651101
  • Uniden DECT:  DECT 6.0 Phone Models: DCX150, DECT1340, DECT1363B, DECT1363BK, DECT1363W, DECT1363-2, DECT1363B-2, DECT1363W-2
    DECT1400, DECT1480, DECT1480-2, DECT1480-3, DECT1480-4, DECT1480-5, DECT1500, DECT-1500, DECT1560, DECT1560-2, DECT1560-3, DECT1560-3S, DECT1560-4, DECT1580, DECT1580-2, DECT1580-3, DECT1580-4, DECT1580-4C, DECT1580-4WXT, DECT1580-5, DECT1580-6
    DECT1588-2, DECT1588-3, DECT1588-4, DECT1588-5, EZi2996, EZAi2997, EZX290, CEZAi2998
  • Uniden 900MHz : EPX2243, EPX3000, EPX3710EPX380, EPX380B, EPX380L, EPX390P, EXP3000, EXP370, EXP370A, EXP370CS, EXP371, EXP3710, EXP371A, EXP380, EXP9660, EXP970, EXP971, EXP9702, EXP9704
  • Uniden 2.4GHz : EXP4540, EXP4541
  • Vtech: VT-62-9116B, VT629116B

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Nominal Capacity




Model Number

BP-904 BT-1015 CPH-479B GE-TL26602 BBTY0460001 BBTY0510001 BBTY0624001 BBTY0655001 BBTY0700001 BECT15883T 52780708 60AAS2BMX GE-TL26602





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