Uniden BT-904 Battery Replacement


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  • Overcharge protection
  • 1500+ Recharge cycles
  • One Year Warranty

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Looking to replace an aging or faulty Uniden BT-904 Battery? Uniden has been making cordless phones for decades and the one part that always needs to be replaced is degrading, dying batteries. Featuring overcharging and short circuit protection, our batteries are rechargeable for over 1500+ full cycles. Our batteries are made from grade A cells, which equates to a longer battery life and no memory effect. Furthermore, our stock is always fresh because we can sell at volume and have a high turnover of product. Get a few replacement batteries today and don’t worry about replacing your batteries for years to come.

Uniden BT-904 Battery Model Compatibility

  • Uniden BT-904
  • BT-1007
  • BT1007
  • BT-1015
  • BT904
  • GE-TL26602
  • CPH-479B

Compatible Phone Models:

  • Again & Again: STB-956, STB956
  • Battery Biz: B730, B-730
  • Dantona: BATT-17, BATT17
  • Empire: CPH-479B, CPH479B
  • Energizer: ER-P506, ERP506
  • GE: 1833916, 26602, TL26602, TL-26602
  • Interstate Batteries: ATEL0035, TEL0035
  • Lenmar: CBC206, CBC-206
  • Memorex: MPH-6925, MPH6925
  • NABC: 721040000
  • Panasonic: HHR-P506, HHR-P506A, HHR-P506A1B, HHR-15F2G1, KX-TG2000B Handset, KX-TG4000B Handset, KX-TGA200, KX-TGA200B, KX-TGA4000B, KX-TGA400, KX-TGA400B, KX-TGA420B, PQHHR150AAZ1, PQHHR150AA21, PQP506SVC, Type 17, MHP506A, HSCO506, HSCOC06, HHRP506, HHRP506A, HHRP506A1B, HHR15F2G1, KXTG2000B Handset, KXTG4000B Handset, KXTGA200, KXTGA200B, KXTGA4000B, KXTGA400, KXTGA400B, KXTGA420B, MHP-506A
  • Radio Shack/Tandy: 23-9096, 43-3533, 43-3534, 43-3541, 43-3542, 43-3543, ET-3533, ET-3534, ET-3541, ET-3542, ET-3543, 239096, 433533, 433534, 433541, 433542, 433543, ET3533, ET3534, ET3541, ET3542, ET3543
  • Sprint: 89340
  • Uniden: BT904, BP904, BT1007, BT1015, BBTY0460001, BBTY0510001, BBTY0624001, BBTY0700001, BBTY0651101
  • Uniden DECT 6.0 Phone Models: DCX150, DECT1340, DECT1363B, DECT1363BK, DECT1363W, DECT1363-2, DECT1363B-2, DECT1363W-2
    DECT1400, DECT1480, DECT1480-2, DECT1480-3, DECT1480-4, DECT1480-5, DECT1500, DECT-1500, DECT1560, DECT1560-2, DECT1560-3, DECT1560-3S, DECT1560-4, DECT1580, DECT1580-2, DECT1580-3, DECT1580-4, DECT1580-4C, DECT1580-4WXT, DECT1580-5, DECT1580-6
    DECT1588-2, DECT1588-3, DECT1588-4, DECT1588-5, EZi2996, EZAi2997, EZX290, CEZAi2998
  • Uniden 900MHz Phone Models: EPX2243, EPX3000, EPX3710EPX380, EPX380B, EPX380L, EPX390P, EXP3000, EXP370, EXP370A, EXP370CS, EXP371, EXP3710, EXP371A, EXP380, EXP9660, EXP970, EXP971, EXP9702, EXP9704
  • Uniden 2.4GHz Phone Models: EXP4540, EXP4541
  • Vtech: VT-62-9116B, VT629116B

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Model Number

BT-1007 BT-1015 BT-904 CPH-479B

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