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Looking to replace an aging or faulty Vtech BT17333 Battery? Vtech has been making cordless phones for decades and the one part that always needs to be replaced is a degrading, fast draining and dying battery. Featuring overcharging and short circuit protection, our batteries are rechargeable for over 500+ full cycles. Our batteries are made from grade A cells, which equates to a longer battery life and no memory effect. Furthermore, our stock is always fresh because we can sell at volume and have a high turnover of product. Get a few replacement batteries today and don’t worry about replacing your batteries for years to come. This battery is 3.6V and has a capacity of 600 mAh.

Compatible With These Phone Models:

  • VTech: 80-1338-00-00 89-1332-00-00 89-1338-00 8013380000 8913320000 89133800 BT-163345 BT-263345 BT-17233 BT-27233
    BT-17333 BT-27333 BT17233 BT27233 BT17333 BT27333 BT163345 BT263345 CS2111 CS5111 CS5111-2 CS51112 CS5121 CS5121-2
    CS51212 CS5121-3 CS51213 CS5121-4 CS51214
    Southwestern Bell: 31175 425083 BAT1188 BP-36MLX BP-36M LX400 D2/3AA-400X3 BP36MLX BP36MLX400 D2/3AA400X3 FF1185 FF1187
    FF1188 FF1710 FF1712 FF1719 FF1720 FF1722 FF1724 FF1725 FF1726 FF1740 FF1741 FF1742 FF1751 FF1760 FF1762 FF1765 FF1770 FF1775
    FF2000 FF2000H FF2025 FF2100W FF2115 FF2125 FF2125BL FF2128 FF2150 FF2150AW FF450 FF641 FF642 FF643 FF643B FF646 FF655 FF660
    FF664 FF665 FF667 FF668 FF670 FF671 FF672 FF674 FF676 FF677 FF680 FF688 FF690 FF692 FF693 FF694 FF695 FF701 FF702 FF705 FF712 FF714
    FF718 FF720 FF725 FF727 FF728 FF729 FF905A FF905 FF908A GH3000 GH3010 GH3010SAP GH3012 GH3028 S60518
    AT&T:01839 24112 4128
    89-1332-00-00 89-1338-00-00 8913320000 8913380000 EL41108 EL41208 EL42108 EL42208 EL42258 EL42308 EL42408
    BellSouth:EXCELISTOR 3101 TL6145
    Conair:CTP-8210 CTP-8212 CTP-8225 CTP-8310 CTP-8325 CTP-9200 CTP-9250 CTP-9400 CTP8210 CTP8212 CTP8225
    CTP8310 CTP8325 CTP9200 CTP9250 CTP9400
    Energizer:ER-P154 ERP154 P3391
    Dantona:3-1/2AA-U 3-1/2AA-UNMH 31/2AAU 31/2AAUNMH
    Empire:CPB-403J CPB403J CPH-403J CPH403J
    GE:153524 2830663 5-2320 52320
    Interstate Batteries:ATEL0140 TEL0140
    Lenmar: CBA337
    Maestro:JB-950 JB950
    Northwestern Bell:3100
    Novacell:3MR600 2/3AA 3MR6002/3AA
    Radio Shack:CS90174 12280731 23-956 23-9069 43-3215 960-1436 23956 239069 433215 9601436
    Sanyo:3N270AA-MRX-R CLT-3500 GES-PCH06 3N270AAMRXR CLT3500 GESPCH06
    Sony:BP-T37 BPT37
    Walker Clarity:W-400 W-9001 W-9001H W400 W9001 W9001H

Vtech BT17333 Battery Model Compatibility

  • 89-1332-00-00
  • 89-1338-00-00
  • BT163345
  • BT17233
  • BT17333
  • BT263345
  • BT27233
  • BT27333
  • 312AAU
  • CPB-403J
  • CPH-403J

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