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Apple’s iPhone 5C. 5S and 5C are very similar, lets compare their battery life. The Apple iPhone 5s and the more colorful iPhone 5c were launched on 10 September 2013. Both phones run on iOS 7, introduced at the same time as the two devices (previously codenamed “Innsbruck” and “Blueberry,” respectively).

iPhone 5S’s feature set, speed, and hardware are all-new for the model. Stepping down from the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C looks good and is crafted with a colorful polycarbonate shell. Although the iPhone 5C is a budget handset, it will completely replace the iPhone 5. Here are some comparisons between the new iPhone models and Apple’s venerable handset.

iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c are very much like each:

Apple announced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at the same time. Apple says it has improved everything with both new phones – camera, processor, battery life, etc. But does this mean all iPhones come with similar specs?

The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c are very much like each other, save for materials used to construct them. The pricier iPhone 5s sports a fingerprint scanner called Touch ID, an upgraded camera with bigger pixels (the light-sensitive part of the image sensor), a better lens, and new software. Apple iPhone 5c has a different design that looks like the iPhone 5 but with added color.

The iPhone 5S has not only Apple’s latest mobile-processing solution, but it also features a fingerprint scanner, which Apple says will provide both tighter security and less frustration. Many other features on the new iPhone 5 are the same as those on the tried-and-true iPhone 5. If you’ve been eyeing the larger screens of competing Android phones, this is going to be a disappointment.

It’s also true that Apple didn’t do much to shake up the camera market. Despite rumors about larger pixels, the new models’ camera sensors will be the same size, at 8 megapixels. Apple’s iPhone 5S comes with a fancy dual-element flash that can adjust its color temperature based on the brightness of the ambient light.

What are the differences between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c?

What are the differences between the two devices? What should I be paying for an unlocked working phone? These questions will be answered in this story. We also give you a list of things to keep in mind before buying an Apple smartphone since several factors affect the iPhone’s price.

Note that this list is meant to provide guidance only since prices are dependent on several factors – market forces being chief among them. For instance, an unlocked iPhone 5s bought from the US can be brought to India and used with a local SIM card after getting it unlocked by putting in place an official request. The price of an unlocked iPhone 5s bought in India will be higher than the US or Australian price. We have considered only factory-unlocked, working handsets in our list.

Comparison of the iPhone 5s and 5c battery life with the iPhone 5

Battery life is an important aspect of any mobile device; although it has to be said, we don’t always hold it in as high a regard as we perhaps should. Even in this day and age, consumers seldom make battery life considerations until it’s too late – instead blinded by an array of impressive, if often unnecessary, features. With us now being in the period between the iPhone 5s and 5c’s announcement and release, we can take the time to assess the minor details of the two new entrants to Apple’s smartphone roster, and according to FCC filings discovered by AnandTech, both handsets will offer superior battery life to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Battery Life

The iPhone 5 battery has a capacity of 1440mAh and offers around 10 hours of video playback. Around the same 15 hours of Wi-fi and non stop web browsing. This is a significant bump from the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5S Battery Life

The new flagship iPhone 5s battery offers around 10 percent more capacity than the older iPhone 5. While the new hardware may readily dip into some of that additional space, the M7 coprocessor should offset this by handling tasks in the background.

iPhone 5C Battery Life

The iPhone 5c battery offers a 5 percent bump, which is still more than welcome, although not a significant improvement. The budget device is, to all intents and purposes, almost identical to the iPhone 5. Still, it’s good to see that Apple has put a little effort into increasing the number of times consumers will be able to use their devices.

Bottom line:

With cameras and processors always improving, vendors have found it increasingly difficult to keep things ticking over without simply adding ridiculously large batteries of 3000+ mAh. But with Apple molding the software around the hardware and vice versa, the company can get away with using the bare minimum when it comes to battery, and considering the iPhone 5s’s juice-o-meter still maxes out at 1570 mph, let’s hope it’s enough for a full day’s use.

Personally speaking, I’m rather surprised that Apple even bothered upgrading the battery from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5c. Considering it’s also (slightly) cheaper than its predecessor, it offers great value for money. Whether consumers will buy into it is anybody’s guess, but for now, we’ll have to wait for the iPhone 5s hype to subside before we can make a proper assessment of the low-cost model.

The bottom line is that several factors decide the price, making it difficult to understand cost differences between various Apple products – even within the same country. When making any purchase decision, consider your requirements first and then decide on the iPhone that fits your needs.

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