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CR2032 Batteries Information and Technical Specs

If you’re a regular user of battery powered devices, then you know that batteries can be one of the most frustrating things to buy. You have to choose between different brands and sizes, with varying mAh ratings and prices. But what’s a CR2032? Let’s understand it!


CR2032 what does CR stand for?

Batteries are made with chromium, not only the brands that use the designation CR. However, chromium is also used in lithium batteries. CR is the abbreviation that can be used for all batteries that have this chemical substance.


What is a CR2032 battery?

CCR2032-Lithium-3V-Battery 5 pack
CCR2032-Lithium-3V-Battery 5 pack

A CR2032 battery is a primary lithium coin or “button” cell battery, with a diameter measurement of 20mm and a thickness of 3.2mm as well as an overall height of 5.7mm. It also has a typical voltage of 3 volts as well as a capacity that can range from up to 240mAh. Lithium batteries are most commonly used in the commercial sector, including cars, motherboards, security systems, and weapons sighting systems.

CR2032 batteries are multi-purpose. They can be installed in a variety of ways, making them ideal for many different applications. For example, CR2032’s are perfect for use with clocks or other gadgets that have less power consumption needs. The Lithium battery lasts for up to two years under normal use! CR2032’s are small and powerful which makes them great for nearly any device!

It’s also known as the 2032 battery, 5004LC battery, AWI L14 battery, BR2032 battery, BR2332 battery, CR2032 lithium coin cell Battery, DL2032 lithium button cell Battery, EA2032C Alkaline Battery Cell, ECR2032 Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell Battery methanol dry ER1/2VCR-1/3N Lithium Replacement Battery.

CR2032 Battery Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: 20 mm
  • Height: 3.2 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 60°C
  • Average Capacity: ≈ 235 mAh
  • Nominal voltage: of a CR2032 battery 3 Volts
  • Chemistry: Lithium


CR2032 Batteries: What Are They Used For?

The CR2032 battery can be found in thousands of different electronics including computers, automotive keys, microwaves, watches, calculators, tablets, pocket protectors, garage door openers, toys and games of all kinds, boomboxes and other miscellaneous music playing devices such as karaoke machines. Moreover the CR2032 can be found in your car’s security system or in its engine control unit. It is also used in the collars that keep track of neighborhood pets such as cats and dogs by way of GPS. It can even be found inside medication packaging so that users suffering from anxiety or ADHD can monitor their dosage levels more easily.


How long does a CR2032 Battery last?

Materials quality, storage conditions, storage time, humidity, physical damage, or temperature can affect battery life. Ideally, you should use a high-quality battery, keep it in a dry and climate-controlled space, and not damage it physically. Batteries made of lithium can have a shelf life up to 10 years when stored properly, according to Energizer. How long they last will be determined by how they are used. CR2032 batteries in car key fobs may last for 4-5 years before they need to be changed due to intermittent use. The lifespan of an active device, such as the Apple Air Tag, which tracks objects continuously, will be around a year.


Can CR2032 replace cr2016?

In most cases, neither battery can be used for similar applications, and these batteries are not interchangeable. In my research, I found that a CR2032 cell can replace a CR2016 cell in a few situations, but these cases appear to be impossible, and the device would be at risk.

The CR2032 cell has a lot more power than a single CR2016 cell, so it is like using two CR2016 cells. A stack of two CR2016 batteries would logically be the replacement for two CR2032 batteries, but it would deliver 6 volts, which could damage electronics. Let’s return to the original question.

There are plenty of equivalents or alternatives to CR2016 cells, but CR2032 isn’t one of them. Additionally, the CR2016 is thicker and has different specifications as well. You should understand that this is also not possible since the main question is whether the CR2032 will replace the CR2016, not vice versa.

In order to provide you with the clearest and most credible answer, a CR2016 battery cannot be replaced by a CR2032 battery, and they cannot even be switched. The CR2032, however, is certainly capable of fitting in the CR2016 cavity if there is enough room in the device.

Both the CR2016 and the CR2032 are capable of controlling tiny devices, and how these devices work is amazing. When they are performing at their best, they are awe-inspiring.


Are CR2032 and CR2025 batteries interchangeable?

Both the CR2025 and CR2032 can be used interchangeably in the battery compartment as long as either fits, although the CR2032 will most likely last slightly longer simply because it has a larger capacity (mAh).

The 0.7mm extra space can be filled up using aluminum foil or another conductor in a pinch, if only a CR2025 is available. Close the compartment to hold it in place and place it on top of the positive (+) side of the battery. You should make sure that the battery and spring are in good contact, otherwise the battery may become intermittent. In an emergency or during battery shortages, you can use the CR2025 to keep running your device, although this may not be optimal since the CR2032 may last longer.

Understanding the code that the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) used in naming these batteries will also assist you in explaining the similarity and difference between a CR2025 and CR2032 battery. Battery names are not arbitrary combinations of letters and numbers. They display important information about the battery. The two letters tell you what type of battery it is. Lithium manganese dioxide is the first letter. A round (cylinder) form is indicated by the R. Its diameter and depth are outlined by the first two numbers. Thus, it essentially says that the CR2032 has a diameter of 20.0mm and a thickness of 3.2mm, while the CR2025 has a diameter of 20.0mm and a thickness of 2.5mm. This method can be used to understand most lithium coin batteries.


Are CR2032 Batteries Rechargeable?

No they are not. There are very similar batteries with the same shape and size called a LIR2032 battery.

LiR2032 Battery Lithium 3.6V
LiR2032 Battery Lithium 3.6V

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