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CR1632 batteries and equivalents guide. Everything there is to know about the CR1632 battery:

You may have noticed that small devices like watches, garage door openers, or remote controls are powered by small, disk-shaped batteries. The CR1632 is a common battery type. CR1632 batteries are made from lithium. Silver and mercury were among the hazardous metals present in them in the past. The negative part of them is made from lithium, and the positive part is made of manganese dioxide. This means that they can also be called coin type lithium manganese dioxide batteries.

CR1632 Batteries pack of 5
CR1632 Batteries pack of 5

CR1632 Battery Specifications

  • Diameter: 16.0mm
  • Height: 3.2mm
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Typical Capacity: 136-142mAh

A breakdown of the CR1632 battery letters and numbers

  • C: The lithium chemistry of the battery is indicated
  • R: The battery is round in shape as a result
  • 16: CR follows two numbers that indicate a 16mm diameter for the battery
  • 32:  It indicates 3.2mm is the thickness in this case, which is the last two numbers


Uses of lithium coin batteries:

It may be little, but this lithium coin battery packs quite a punch. Small devices that cannot be powered by conventional batteries can utilize this battery. As a result, it can power a wide range of devices, including:

  • A thermometer, blood glucose meter, cholesterol meter, heart rate monitor, and blood pressure meter are medical devices
  • Vehicles equipped with remote keyless entry 
  • Door chimes, swing gates, garage door openers, and wireless doorbells are devices that automate your home
  • A personal digital assistant (PDA), calculators, watches, and other everyday mobile electronics
  • Fitness equipment, such as cycling computers and sports watches
  • Playing cards, MP3 players, and other entertainment devices

CR1632 Lithium Coin Battery Lifespan

Batteries vary in lifespan based on whether they are stored or in use.

CR1632 During storage:

The shelf life of this coin battery is approximately 10 years, provided it is stored in optimal conditions. If stored correctly, they will discharge at a rate of 1% per year, after 10 years of storage they will be 90% full.

The original packaging is needed to ensure a long shelf life. Temperatures between -20°C and 60°C, as well as a humidity level between 35% and 75%, are also ideal for storage.

CR1632 Usage:

Service life in use is determined by:

  • In devices that drain a lot of current or have intermittent power pulses, such as keyless entry devices and watch alarms, they last longer. The downside of their chemistry is that they’re less suitable for low drain applications, like memory backups.
  • -30°C to 60°C should be the operating temperatures. Over this temperature range, self-discharges rapidly increase, shortening the service life. 

Assuming a Panasonic CR1632 3V 140mAh Lithium Coin Cell with a 15kΩ load. The cell operates between -20°C and 80°C (Note that a temperature higher than 70°C should be discussed with the manufacturer).

Over 700 hours of battery life can be achieved at -10°C. The battery would last less than 700 hours if it operated at a temperature of 20°C. The battery will last approximately 700 hours if the operating temperature is 60°C.

5 Pack CR1632 Battery Lithium 3V
5 Pack CR1632 Battery Lithium 3V 1

CR1632 Battery Equivalents:

Using the manufacturer’s recommended battery is always a good idea. Because different coin-sized batteries can fit in the battery compartment, the capacity requirements may vary by device. A lithium coin battery’s dimensions make it impossible to interchange with another. However, some manufacturers will suggest a specific battery for each device. These batteries can then be interchanged. Furthermore, Duracell and Energizer 1632 make similar batteries, although their labels differ, such as ECR 1632 or DCR 1632. 

The following are some CR1632 lithium coin batteries that you can choose from if your device’s lithium coin battery is interchangeable:

  • L1632
  • KL1632
  • CR1632
  • KCR1632
  • ECR1632 (Energizer)
  • DL1632 (Duracell)
  • BR1632
  • LiR1632 (rechargeable)
  • ML1632
  • VL1632

Each of the above model numbers has the same ‘1632’ label on it. The dimensions are the same, or 16mm diameter x 3.2mm width, for CR1632.  Due to their differing chemistries, make sure that you use the same brand of battery in each device at a time. If you mix and match, your battery may be damaged.


Battery Safety Precautions:

  • Children are at risk of swallowing this lithium cell due to its small size. 
  • Esophageal burns resulting from chemical burns are potentially life-threatening. Get emergency medical help right away if your child or pet swallows this battery.
  • Please keep lithium coin batteries away from children to avoid such a calamity. To prevent a child from opening the battery compartment of electronic devices that use this battery, make sure it is difficult or impossible for them to do so. 

Not only that, but there is more. Take the following precautions as well: 

  • CR1632 Batteries should never be exposed to extremely hot temperatures or thrown into fires. The batteries may rupture or become discharged.
  • If you discover leaks or discoloration, discontinue use
  • When not in use for an extended period of time, remove batteries from devices
  • Make sure the battery is not dropped or hit. It may leak or even explode.
  • Batteries should not be used after their expiration date since they could leak into the electronics and cause damage.


Are CR1632 batteries rechargeable?

The CR1632 battery is not rechargeable. Some lithium coin batteries can be recharged. The CR1632 rechargeable equivalent is referred to as a LiR1632 battery and it is rechargeable. 

Are coin/button batteries safe to dispose of?

The type and chemical composition of a battery, as it reaches the end of its service life, determine how it should be disposed of. To start with, lithium coin cells should never be disposed of with other household waste. Find a retailer that accepts used batteries and take the batteries there, rather than taking them to a battery recycling facility. Each used battery should be placed in a separate piece of plastic paper before recycling. Electrical tape can also be used to cover the terminals. Then, you can drop them off at a recycling facility in a non-metallic box. Avoid letting children handle used batteries. The manufacturer should be contacted for instructions on how to safely dispose of a dead cell.

How long do CR1632 batteries last?

There is no simple answer. It depends on the load on the battery. In car remotes they last an average of 3 years.

Can I use a CR1616 battery instead of CR1632

No are CR1616 battery cannot be used to replace a CR1632 battery. Due to a differing capacity measured in mAh and a higher maximum current due to a lower internal resistance it is not safe.

Where to buy CR1632 Batteries?

We stock a large range of CR1632 batteries including wholesale discounts.

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