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Top 5 Dog Collars Battery Life 2021

Do you want a GPS dog collar? We have found the best ones! They are used for efficiency, accuracy, and tracking in real time. Some dog collars have a very low battery life usage. We stock all kinds of batteries for dog collars. Keep reading to find out more about them!


  1. Tractive LTE Tracking Device:

tractive gps dog collar battery life
tractive gps dog collar battery life

Tracking GPS allows owners to locate the exact location of their pets using the Tractive GPS device. This GPS tracker for dogs has an unlimited range, works in more than 150 countries, and is one of the best on the market. A virtual fence is part of its great features, as it notifies you when your dog leaves its safe zone. There is also live tracking, which monitors and sends updates on your pet on a real-time basis.

Chihuahuas and Bernese Mountain Dogs alike can use its compact and lightweight size. The power button on this GPS tracker is dog-safe to prevent your pet from turning off any functions accidentally.

Although Tractive is among the best GPS tracking devices for dogs, many customers have complained that the battery needs to be recharged frequently. A long battery life is not guaranteed. Tractive’s customer service team’s professionalism was highly appreciated by many buyers.


The App:

You can track the location and activity of your pet using the app. Are you interested in monitoring the health of your dog? Keeping track of their calories and setting fitness goals makes this easy.

If your escape artist is stepping outside their virtual fence, you will be notified and alerted. Also, the app shows when the battery level of your device is getting low.


  • GPS range is unlimited
  • Power button that keeps dogs safe
  • Customer service is excellent
  • More than 150 countries are served


  • Keep the battery alive by charging it frequently


  1. Fi Canine Neck Band:

fi canine neck band dog collar tracker
fi canine neck band dog collar tracker

Optimum data accuracy and speed are achieved by combining an LTE-M cell signal, three GPS satellites, and a home base in this collar, available in four sizes and four colors. Bluetooth is also integrated into this waterproof GPS collar. Fi dog collar reviews reviewers emphasize how much they appreciate being notified immediately if their dog escapes.

The collar’s battery life stands out as its most outstanding feature. With smart collars, they are able to detect bad signals and save battery life, which can last up to three months, depending on the mode it is set to. LED lighting makes night walks much safer thanks to Fi’s dog collar reviews. You can also find your pet more easily when it’s in lost-dog mode by flashing a red light.

The App:

You can also track your pet’s movement with an app that connects to the collar. Using this app, you can set step and mile goals and store your history-useful for providing your veterinarian with health information. The app also allows you to add as many dogs and users as you like to your account, which every Fi collar review, including ours, appreciated. As well as setting restricted areas, you can find other Fi dog owners nearby. You will get a 30-day trial for free, but you will need to subscribe afterward.


  • Creates safe zones and identifies their owners
  • Plus, you’ll receive text notifications right away
  • Keeps track of health goals
  • works throughout the United States
  • Free shipping and 30-day GPS trial


  • Tall buildings make this method less accurate
  • The collar won’t show up on the tracker if it is out of service


  1. Garmin T5 Latest Device:

garmin t5 dog collar tracker battery life
garmin t5 dog collar tracker battery life

Garmin is synonymous with GPS devices that are accurate and fast, and our Garmin dog collar review proves this. A handheld device is the only device you need to track your pet; there is no need for a monthly subscription or app. It comes with a long detachable antenna that gives it an exceptional range – 4 miles for the mini version, and 9 miles for the regular version – plus LED beacons visible as far away as 100 yards.

This is the best GPS tracking system without a monthly fee for hunters and hikers. The GPS range can be reduced by mountain ranges. The Garmin dog collar reviews will tell you that the brand uses GLONASS as well as GPS, which guarantees the highest level of precision and locate-ability. Computers, cars, or AC ports can all be used to charge the device. If you don’t own the device already, you’ll have to purchase it if you don’t already have one.

It would not have been fair to our Garmin dog tracker review if we didn’t mention the device’s compatibility with Astro 430. Get everything you need to track your dog successfully with this bundle on Amazon if you don’t already own Garmin’s handheld device.


  • You don’t need to subscribe
  • The rescue option is now available
  • Receiver with GPS/GLONASS
  • An incredible range of products
  • Up to 100-yard visibility of lights


  • Works only with a handheld device
  • Batteries don’t last as long as others (compare with other trackers)


  1. Whistle GO Explore (for Canines)

whistlego dog collar batteries
whistlego dog collar batteries

This tracker allows you to set up safe areas for your pets and monitor them in real time. When your pet leaves the safe zone, Whistle will send you push, text, and email notifications to let you know. It comes equipped with GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and GLONASS.

Another highly positive point mentioned in reviews of Whistle GO Explore GPS & activity tracker is its ability to display a dog’s whereabouts and activities over the past 24 hours. As a bonus, the LED light makes spotting your dog even easier.

If you want to use a Whistle collar, you can attach the tracker to any collar. There are occasionally Whistle GO reviews complaining that the device gives false signals or comes unhooked.

The App:

Your pets’ day will be managed through the app. You can set up safe zones, monitor their health, and track their fitness levels. Dogs can be observed sleeping, licking, scratching, observing changes in behavior, and the amount of food they consume can also be monitored.

You can also access unlimited on-demand vet help from the best GPS dog tracker (for a limited time) via chat, phone, or email through the best GPS dog tracker for training. Wellness reports will be sent to you every week and every month.


  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS
  • A proactive alerting system and notifications
  • Tracker for health and fitness, plus Tele-vet
  • It is weatherproof and durable
  • Trial period of 90 days


  • It is reported that the plastic attachments break easily by some users
  • The tracker sometimes generates false readings


  1. PetFon Pet Tracker:

petfon dog collar tracker
petfon dog collar tracker

This GPS tracker provides coverage in open spaces of up to 3.5 miles and in wooded or city areas of up to 0.65 miles. All PetFon GPS tracker system reviews praise one feature that no other tracker has – pre-recorded voice commands. When your dog wanders off from the safe zone, record your voice and give them a call back. You can also set light and sound alarms if your pet leaves that zone.

The tracker is however only waterproof, so it may not work if accidentally splashed by water. Despite the weak battery life and poor waterproofing, tracking your dog in real time, without a SIM card, cell network, or fees, beats them all. As you can see in our PetFon GPS review, the product is made solely for tracking, not watching your pets, so it cannot be used indoors. Moreover, the tracker may be negatively impacted by bad weather and tall buildings.


  • The voice command can be customized
  • Possibility of defining a safe area
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Lights and sounds alarms
  • It is not necessary to have a SIM card or to use a cell network


  • This product cannot be used indoors
  • It is possible to improve waterproofing and range

Final Words:

Despite the fact that there are no perfect GPS trackers, you should always be in constant communication with your dog. If you leave your dog unsupervised, even the best GPS collar may not make sure that they don’t escape or wander off. The tracker will make it easier to find them, so choose one from our list and keep your pet safe! Don’t forget to buy your dog collar batteries so you are never without power.

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