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Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement Guide

Samsung Electronics of Australia released its new and improved successor to the Galaxy S4 the much anticipated Galaxy S5 in early Feb 2014. The Galaxy S5 had a big improvement over the S4 with a sturdier case which could resist dust and water. The one feature that came with a massive upgrade was the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery. With a huge 2,800mAh replaceable battery. This allows consumers to replace their own batteries without the need to be a electronics engineer and without expensive tools. This brings us to our very simple guide below.

Original Samsung Galaxy S5 BatterySamsung Galaxy S5 Battery EB-BG900BBU

The original Samsung Galaxy S5 battery clocks in at 2800 mAh. With an ultra power saving mode that could potentially last for an extra 24-36 hours while in standby mode and only 10% battery life remaining. Samsung electronics improved the S5 battery life by integrating the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. Failure to use ultra power-saving mode and you’ll be lucky to get a day and a half maybe two tops .That’s with very light to moderate usage. Keeping informed and educated about the S5 battery life will allow you to make an informed decision on when it needs replacing. Battery monitoring apps can also be useful.

When using ultra power saving mode it will disable some essential services like bluetooth and will dim the screen to a monotone color. Power saving mode will also greatly limit CPU functionality. Samsung has said that the Galaxy S5 battery can last up to 24 hours with 10% battery remaining. If your current samsung galaxy s5 is not functioning like new then it might be time to get a replacement (or two).

Galaxy S5 Battery Life: When to replace your battery.

Using your smartphone on daily basis and with constant use and most phones are lucky to last more than one working day. Technology has changed the we way use our phones, including the use of many more apps. Using Wifi, bluetooth, fitness tracking and more and we can easily see why our batteries are draining and not lasting as long as the old days. So firstly a visual look at the battery to determine that it is not structurally damaged. This is made super easy by the good folk at Samsung including a removable plastic backing (see below for detailed instructions). Remove the backing and check for and warping or bulges. Immediately dispose of the battery in a safe manner if structural damage is found.

If your battery is draining extra fast or not holding a complete charge then it might be time for a replacement or two. If the Samsung S5 battery is malfunctioning in any way then a replacement S5 battery might be in order. Keeping an extra Galaxy s5 battery on hand might be a good idea considering how inexpensive they are these days.

How to replace the Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

Step 1: Insert a plastic pry tool or your fingernail just above the charging port to release the plastic backing. Or alternatively use the indent to the left of the rear camera to pry off the backing.

Step 2: Carefully insert the pry tool into the small gap to get some leverage and pry the battery out. Replace the old battery with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 battery from Aussiebattery.


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